2014-05-14 12:34:34

A Million In A Month trading platform for wholesale telecommunications voice traffic reports exceeding the magic level of one million minutes of calls handled within the first month of commercial operations.

2014-03-10 15:22:17

First Commercial Interconnects

We have obtained a full coverage of the national numbering fixed and mobile in Poland. We're working on making the first bids for foreign directions.

VoIP Clearing House

VoIP operators from around the world are often faced with the problem related to mutual settlements. Everything is simple if the operator works with a small number of trusted counterparties. The things get complicated, however, when it comes to international connections.

The only strategy that allows for achieving both good prices and good quality is to create interconnects with the highest possible number of foreign operators to direct traffic into their network directly avoiding transit. In bigger scale, however, this poses a problem related to mutual settlements and maintenance of many separate interconnects. This, in turn, means more work or the need to employ additional people to handle the accounting and technical processes.

On the one hand, cooperation with many providers allows for reducing the costs of connections while on the other it creates additional administrative costs which may be higher than the savings made on lower rates., which allows for outsourcing all of those processes, solves all of those problems. By acquiring one interconnect for the platform you gain the ability to establish direct connections to many networks. Additionally, it is that takes care of the mutual settlements and as an independent party it handles both the billing and the potential disputes.

Furthermore, the trading platform facilitates trade negotiations as the whole process is automated. It doesn't matter whether you're interested in a good offer from A-Z or you want to negotiate volume contracts, our platform works for You and allows you to achieve fast results.

Thus, if you want to reduce both the costs of connections and the costs related to handling settlements, legal, accounting and technical processes, contact us today to obtain detailed information.