2014-05-14 12:34:34

A Million In A Month trading platform for wholesale telecommunications voice traffic reports exceeding the magic level of one million minutes of calls handled within the first month of commercial operations.

2014-03-10 15:22:17

First Commercial Interconnects

We have obtained a full coverage of the national numbering fixed and mobile in Poland. We're working on making the first bids for foreign directions.

Voice Trading provides platform that allows carriers and VoIP service providers around the World to interconnect in one single place and to trade their voice traffic, both inbound and outbound. members trade voice traffic in secure and anonymous manner. All transactions all fully financial protected with our unique financial model, that assures every provider is guaranteed to get paid for all of handled traffic. Buyers also benefit from that system, since all prepayments are placed on a separate bank account for every member. Funds are only available for trading purposes and cannot be used by on its own. Since all funds belong to members, not to platform provider they can be withdrawn at any moment.

Multiple options for voice trading are possible, from simple A-Z buying and selling, advanced Live Trading with reversed auctions to custom volume-based deals.