2014-05-14 12:34:34

A Million In A Month trading platform for wholesale telecommunications voice traffic reports exceeding the magic level of one million minutes of calls handled within the first month of commercial operations.

2014-03-10 15:22:17

First Commercial Interconnects

We have obtained a full coverage of the national numbering fixed and mobile in Poland. We're working on making the first bids for foreign directions.

What's VoipExchange? is international voice traffic marketplace.

The service is designed for small-to-medium sized VoIP service Providers. platform replaces the traditional points of interconnection (interconnects) and allows direct traffic trading between all registered members.

Why us?

  • Direct access to networks of houndreds of registered members
  • Real-time auctions - best available offer wins
  • Better call quality without transit charges
  • Full control of purchase and salling rates
  • Fast & easy interconnection with no investment required
  • Full payoff guarantee
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How it works

Online Panel

Service configuration, offer browsing, managing bidding and selling criteria

Transactional System

Matches buyers and sellers, automatically selecting the best offers

VoIP Platform

VoIP traffic handling