2013-01-28 17:42:18

"PSTN Networks Are Obsolete", get ready for All-IP telecom

American potentate AT&T submitted his market regulator (FCC) petition for deregulation of the market and replacing traditional telecommunication network solution based on IP technology.

The company in a petition addressed to the FCC states: "AT&T believes that the experiment associated with deregulation demonstrates that the traditional approach to the telecommunications market as a public good nowadays is no longer necessary or appropriate to developing all-IP ecosystem.". The petition also states that "Regulations from the time of telecom monopolies are not justified in such a competitive market, such as the Internet."

With this petition AT&T starts an important discussion on the future of the regulated market of telecommunications and related technologies, noting that the PSTN network is becoming one of the fastest aging infrastructure. Are invoked both the technological aspects, such as allowing the implementation of conversations in HD as well as purely economic aspects associated with high maintenance costs and harmful, according to the company excessive market regulation.

"Such a discussion is extremely important and we are pleased that this issue has been addressed. Creating a platform VoipExchange.eu look in the future focusing on the advantages offered by the replacement of traditional telecommunications network solutions based on VoIP. Simple, cheap and available technology in conjunction with modern-added services and calls in HD in a few years will set national standards"- says RafaƂ Malinowski, Chief Technology Officer at VoipExchange.eu