2014-05-14 12:34:34

A Million In A Month trading platform for wholesale telecommunications voice traffic reports exceeding the magic level of one million minutes of calls handled within the first month of commercial operations.

2014-03-10 15:22:17

First Commercial Interconnects

We have obtained a full coverage of the national numbering fixed and mobile in Poland. We're working on making the first bids for foreign directions.

A-Z VoIP Termination

Termination is a service which consists in ending telephone calls inside the telecommunication operator network to which the connection has been directed. The last network where the calls appear is the network of the terminating operator. For example, if the operator A sends calls to the operator B to the numbers belonging to the subscribers of the operator B’s network (both one’s own numbers and the numbers transferred), we are dealing with termination.

A service which is complementary to termination is the so called transit of connections, which is sending the connections through one operator, the connections which are not terminated in one network but are passed to another operator. For instance, if the operator A has no direct connection with the network of the operator C, whereas the operator B has the connection with the networks belonging to the operators A and C, the operator A can use the service of transit of the calls to the operator C through the network of the operator B. website allows for the purchase and sales of both termination service and the transit of telephone calls. Thanks to built-in mechanisms, when it is possible, connections are transferred directly to the target operator’s network so that he can terminate them in his network. In case of the lack of a direct connection, he will direct connections via transit links in such a way that the potential number of hops (transit networks) is as low as possible.

What is A-Z termination

A-Z termination is defined as cooperation in which the wholesaler supplier of telecommunication services (for example, provides his partner the offer of the support for the connection in all destinations in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, which are destinations from A to Z. Such a comprehensive offer allows the subscribers to have a possibility of connection with most of telephone numbers, regardless of their location and type. as a wholesale A-Z termination provider

Thanks to joining our platform you gain access to a very wide offer of operators worldwide. aggregates many A-Z offers concerned with single destinations, automatically compares rates and quality of connections and selects the best offers for you.

While using our platform, you save time needed to compare the offers of many suppliers (the system does it for you automatically) and money because your traffic will be supported by the best suppliers.

When you use, you have an opportunity to both improve the quality of the connections, as well as shorten the time of their juxtaposition which contributes to lower the costs which are born by the participants who make the calls.