2014-05-14 12:34:34

A Million In A Month trading platform for wholesale telecommunications voice traffic reports exceeding the magic level of one million minutes of calls handled within the first month of commercial operations.

2014-03-10 15:22:17

First Commercial Interconnects

We have obtained a full coverage of the national numbering fixed and mobile in Poland. We're working on making the first bids for foreign directions. platform capabilities

All members gain the ability to:

  • Sell traffic to your own network (both on their own and others' numbering)
  • Sell transit traffic to other networks
  • Sell untapped capacity
  • Trade domestic and international traffic
  • Define own rules and rates for buying and selling traffic including abilities to define different rates for Peak and Off-Peak periods
  • Define both price and quality rules (min ASR/ACD, max PDD)
  • On-line CDR view and export
  • Import and export rate sheets
  • Generate reports
  • Perform diagnostics
  • Manage settlements